Roofers Local 142

Ankeny, IA

Project Overview

Matrix 7 collaborated with Local 142 to enhance their digital presence. Initially, the focus was on creating an aesthetically pleasing website. However, as the project progressed, the emphasis shifted towards improving member engagement and accessibility. This led to the development of a user-friendly member login portal, providing easy access to events, benefits, and important information such as pension and insurance details.

Our approach prioritized practicality and user experience across the entire website. By aligning the website with Local 142’s values, we ensured a seamless user experience that catered to the needs of their members.

The updated website has significantly improved member engagement, marking a significant step in the union’s digital transformation journey. Matrix 7 is proud to have collaborated with Local 142 and looks forward to continuing to enhance their online presence and member experience.


  • Trade Union

Services Provided

  • Web Design & Development
  • SEO

Notable Features

  • Member login portal

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